Willoway Complex


The Willoway Complex is a complex comprising of 17 Senior (55+) Independent Living Apartments, Fitness Center, Indoor Swimming Pool and Spa, Meeting Room and hosts Dinner Date Meals for Seniors. We consider it our mission to enhance the quality of human life through superior senior independent living, exceptional physical fitness and relaxation. We endeavor to provide quality facilities to instill an understanding the values of senior independence, physical fitness and positive lifestyle choices.

The word “WILLOWAY” came about from a “Name the Building” game among Sutherland, Iowa residents. The winning contestant came up with WILLOWAY by putting together “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. This name rang loud in Sutherland and was the motivational slogan to complete this complex.

This facility is now called Willoway Complex and no longer Sutherland Consolidated School. The community of Sutherland is proud to have stepped up and preserved this 1921 three story school building. The inside of the Willoway complex has changed very much. It now holds an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, activity room, kitchen, city offices, police department and 17 senior (55+) independent apartments.

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If one walks the corridors of this historic building you will see some memories of the school building and if you quietly listen, one may even hear the conversation of students and teachers of the past.

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409 Ash Street, Suite 15
Sutherland, IA 51058
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